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Men’s Work Principles

men's work principles

Men’s Work Principles Men’s work principles are the guiding lights that are the foundations of the culture that is created within a men’s group community.  These principles are confronting each man based on where he is on his spiritual journey.  Some are confronted more than others in coming to terms with the benefits of these…

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Men’s Retreats & Why You Need Nature

men's retreats

Why go on men’s retreats? As modern society becomes increasingly fast-paced, it can be difficult for men to find the time and space to unwind and reconnect with their inner selves. One of the best ways to do this is by going on a men’s retreat, particularly one that takes place in nature. In this…

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Men’s Circle Benefits

men's circle

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE & JOIN OUR MEN’S CIRCLE As men, we often struggle with opening up about our emotions and facing our inner demons. We are taught from a young age to be tough, stoic, and unemotional. But the truth is, suppressing our feelings can lead to a whole host of problems, both…

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