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“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” 

— Benjamin Disraeli

About Us

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Our purpose is to create an safe global community where men can train, connect and become empowered in living purpose driven lives.  Heart cententered men, deeply connected to their highest selves pushing their gifts into the world.  We will quench the thirst of every man that comes to us yearning to be free in his expression and embodiment of his God given right of masculine energy.  We will empower men to lead in their intimate relationships, families, professions, communities and circles of influence - open hearted men with impeccable integrity who bring order out of chaos, regenerative power, who embody a sense of calm and presence in the midst of calamity.  We build mature, masculine men who take responsibility for every aspect of their lives and actions.  We raise men who know who they are and know where they are called to serve.  Men who look upon the world with a firm but kind eye... who lift up their brothers, not tear them down.  Men who stand in the presence of the feminine with awe and adoration, who have no need or desire to control, objectify or dominate her.  We build men physically, spiritually and mentally who can stand in the fires of adversity and conflict and not be consumed by the fire, leaning always on an inner source of the Great Mother for strength, and direction.  Men who know their own limitations and the value of leaning on the community of similar hearted men.  We are the men of Embodied Masculine.


Like any worthwhile creation, before the birth of something new there is pain. The pain of my self-discovery and clarity of purpose took nearly 25 years of spiritual labor and 5 days of delivery. This all resulted in my clarity of purpose and the birth of

These 25 years consisted of soul searching, service, working with hundreds of men, learning to surrender to everything outside myself that I thought would bring me peace, teachings, retreats, self-introspection and travels to far-off lands in search of answers. The 25 years had matured me spiritually, but there was always a part of me that felt discontented in that space and felt I had yet to discover my purpose on this planet.

The 5 days of delivery, as I like to call it, came during a leadership retreat deep in the Mojave Desert. My friend John had invited me to teach at this training and to be a participant if I chose to. I said yes.


mens work embodied masculine
(From left to right) Morgan WIlliams, Christophe Vidal, Amir Khalighi, John Wineland & Brian Pinkham

It may have simply been my time for “delivery”, but it happened in the midst of 32 powerful men. Through a series of profound practices and shared comradery in the desert, it became clear to me how hungry our society is for more men like these - men of integrity and commitment to a higher calling. It became clear that men of all ages need the initiation and training to bring them into the fold. I made up my mind to dedicate the second act of my life in service to building men, for boys are born but men are made.  - Amir Khalighi (Founder)