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Missing Nutrient In Masculinity

Embodied Masculine ™“Why can’t he feel me?”

Because he can’t feel himself.

Man’s inability to feel into others has its roots in their stifled capacity in being receptive. Many are missing a vital nutrient that comes from being open and receptive. This lack of sensitivity is a byproduct of a body and nervous system that have been in a state of perpetual contraction & hyper vigilance.

Men who are not able to “receive”are less emotionally impacted and more disconnected from themselves, their partners and the natural world.

This is especially the case for men who grew up without a father figure that they could rely or lean on. Such boys constructed necessary defense mechanisms to engage with a world that likely occurred to them as unsafe. Their physical bodies naturally started to take the shape of their inner landscape. They feel as if they are in a perpetual statue of contraction; their breath follows and becomes more and more shallow over time. When the body is in this state, there is less life force energy flowing through the body.

“Why can’t he feel me?” Because he can’t feel himself.

Men subsequently become malnourished and resort to feeding themselves through shadow states as they define these paths as safer or easier than looking at their core issues.


1. Create a safe space for men to unfurl

2. Reintroduce and train their nervous system to learn to relax through the breath

3. Offer them feminine embodiment practices designed to guide them into how they can be nourished through their own bodies first, then from Mother Nature herself, and subsequently from their feminine partners without need.

How do you open to receive more of life’s natural nourishment?

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