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Bali, Indonesia June 22 & June 23 2024 - Limit 25 Men

Join us for a two-day transformative workshop on harnessing and wielding conscious natural power. Engage in ancient shamanic and somatic practices designed to shift your awareness, access, and receptivity to this inner wellspring. This workshop aims to empower, align, and bring more profound clarity of your Dharma (true purpose) and the ability to step powerfully into that new paradigm.

This Transformative 2-Day Workshop Starts In:


Relationship To Power: A Transformative Workshop for Men

For centuries, men have struggled with a distorted relationship to power. This has manifested as what is commonly termed "toxic masculinity," where men wield unconscious power for selfish gains at the expense of all in their wake. In the 1960s, some men countered this force by becoming passive, disavowing their natural archetypal expressions. This led to power being suppressed and ultimately expressed through shadow states.

Consequently, power in men has become synonymous with abuse, creating an environment of aversion in the conscious collective, inhibiting and limiting men from stepping fully into their lives.

Men feel disconnected from themselves and their purpose, collapsing into passivity or becoming tyrannical.

In this workshop, we will dive into the crevices of the psyche to reconnect to this natural, birthright energy.  We will work with sitting with aspects of self that need tending to while working with this natural archetypal force consciously.  Through various ancient practices, we will harness and begin wielding this suppressed masculine aspect with intention.  This is a somatic exploration, expression, and embodiment of the force of Nature (that includes you) that moves through us.  This attunement, alignment, and expression will enable you to hear the subtle not of your calling (path, Dharma) and step more powerfully into creating and living a life in tune with your calling or purpose. It will redefine your relationships and relationship to power.

Join Us

The world is not served by you playing small.  This is your opportunity to reclaim your power.

Reserve your place today and embark on a journey of profound transformation!

David Altman

Amir holds an impeccable container providing a safe environment to grow and learn. His combination of deep wisdom, experience, open heartedness, and clear pointed feedback provides a special experience and transmission.


Amir is a leader. Pure and simple. Wise and honest as well as one of the most generous souls I’ve worked within. He has helped so many. I send as many men as I can do his groups. I’m lucky to have crossed paths with him. I highly recommend anyone to work with Amir!

Embodied Masculine™


  • BUILD STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS: This workshop will help you develop a deeper understanding of power dynamics, essential for building healthier and more authentic connections. By exploring how power operates in relationships, you'll learn to recognize and navigate power imbalances. This awareness will enable you to engage with others from a place of mutual respect and empathy, fostering genuine and supportive interactions. You'll improve your communication, resolve conflicts more easily, and establish boundaries that honor everyone's needs. Ultimately, this understanding will strengthen your relationships, creating a foundation of trust and collaboration that enhances both your personal and professional life.
  • ENHANCE EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE: Strengthen your emotional resilience and gain the tools to navigate life's challenges with grace and composure. Through practical exercises and reflective practices, you will learn to understand and manage your emotions more effectively. This process will help you stay centered and balanced, even in adversity. Building this inner strength will prepare you to handle stress, recover from setbacks, and maintain a positive outlook. You will develop coping strategies to respond to difficult situations with calmness and clarity. Enhanced emotional resilience will improve your well-being and positively impact your relationships and professional life, allowing you to thrive in all areas.
  • CULTIVATE DEPTH OF PRESENCE: Tap into a natural source of power that fosters inner peace and alignment with your higher self. Through mindfulness and meditative practices, you will learn to be fully present in each moment, connecting deeply with your true essence. This presence enhances your awareness and clarity, enabling intentional and wise responses to life. As you cultivate this state, you'll experience harmony between your inner world and outer actions, leading to a balanced and fulfilling life. This presence enriches personal growth, amplifies your ability to positively influence others, and fosters unity and purpose. Discover a wellspring of inner power to support living authentically and in alignment with your highest aspirations.
  • FOSTER EXPANSION: Experience profound personal growth as you explore new dimensions of yourself and your capabilities. By stepping out of your comfort zone and engaging in transformative practices, you will uncover hidden strengths and potentials. This journey of self-discovery challenges you to break free from limiting beliefs and expand your horizons personally and professionally. As you delve deeper into your inner world, you will gain a greater understanding of your true self and your potential. This expansion boosts your confidence and ignites a sense of purpose and passion, empowering you to pursue your dreams with renewed vigor. Embracing this growth leads to a more enriched and dynamic life, filled with possibilities and opportunities for continuous learning and development.
  • COMMUNAL POWER: Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey of self-discovery and empowerment. By joining a supportive and nurturing community, you will form meaningful connections with others who share your goals. This network will offer mutual encouragement, insights, and companionship, providing a strong foundation for growth. Sharing experiences and learning from diverse perspectives will enhance your understanding and progress. This sense of communal power fosters trust and collaboration, allowing you to openly explore challenges and celebrate successes together. Building these relationships will empower you and contribute to the empowerment of others, creating a ripple effect of positive change. This collective journey will enhance your resilience and motivation, ensuring ongoing personal and professional development. These benefits are your pathway to a more empowered, purposeful, and fulfilling life. Don't miss this opportunity to transform and elevate your relationship with power.


  • REFRAME OF POWER: Engage in ancient practices to reconnect with your authentic self and rediscover your true power. These techniques strip away societal conditioning and ego-driven desires, revealing your inner energy source. Focus on appreciating this inner strength rather than external rewards. By loving the giver, not just the gifts, you deepen your connection to your true self and life’s purpose. True power, expressed freely and in service to something greater, brings clarity and alignment with your Dharma and highest sense of self.
  • HEAL PAST TRAUMAS: This workshop offers a unique opportunity to transform pain from unconscious power dynamics into strength and healing. By addressing and alchemizing past traumas, you can release emotional burdens and fully embrace your power. Guided practices in a safe environment will help you identify and heal these wounds, leading to profound emotional and somatic healing. This process liberates you from past shadows and empowers you to create a balanced and harmonious life. Embracing your emerging self, you will navigate future challenges with resilience and grace, turning past pain into a foundation for growth and empowerment.
  • HARNESS CONSCIOUS POWER: Learn to distinguish between self-generated power and conscious or Divine power. Self-generated power often comes from ego and personal attachments, while conscious power is based on awareness and receptivity. By mastering this natural power, you can transform how you engage with life. Use power not for domination but as a force for a higher calling and the greater good. Through practical exercises and reflective practices, develop skills to channel your power authentically and intentionally, aligning with your life's path. This alignment enhances your relationships and contributes to a more meaningful and impactful life.
  • ALCHEMIZE SHADOW EXPRESSIONS: We will dive into the influence of shadow expressions of power within the collective unconscious and your own body. These shadows often manifest as destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors rooted in unexamined fears and past traumas. Through transformative practices, you will learn to recognize and integrate these shadows, opening yourself to a higher, more divine form of power that is your natural birthright. This process deepens your receptivity, enabling you to embrace and harness your authentic power.
  • ALIGN WITH YOUR SOUL'S CALLING OR DHARMA: By releasing static charges or emotions from the body, we create space for more life to enter. This clarity enhances your receptivity to your soul's calling. Through deep introspective practices and guided exercises, you'll connect with your heart's guidance, leading your soul. This alignment taps into newfound power, enabling you to navigate life with purpose and intention. As you gain clarity about your soul's calling, you'll build the confidence to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities that resonate with your true self.

Meet Your Lead & Assistant Facilitators


Amir Khalighi is the founder of Embodied Masculine™ (, a global community that supports empowering and connecting men to their highest sense of self, the natural world, and in living purpose-driven lives.  His work with men started at the age of 23. Through his 20s and 30s, he worked with hundreds of men centered around shadow work, addictive behaviors, and also through the discipline of martial arts.  Subsequently, his work has evolved and now encompasses Jungian archetypal psychology, somatic, shamanic, and embodiment methodologies.  His passion for men’s work has been most influenced by mythopoetic men’s work, Sufi mysticism, yogic intimacy, Celtic mythology, Shamanism, and Hermetic Qabalah.  He is a men’s coach, speaker, teacher, husband, and father to 4 daughters. He also founded, an online space dedicated to sharing the original rendered works of such Masters of love as Rumi, Hafez, Kabir, Neruda, and more.   (see our lineage page for a deeper look).


Alex Lehmann is a Men's Leadership Coach, Nervous System Practitioner, and Podcast Host with almost 10 years of experience in the personal development space.

His background extends across the fields of psychology, philosophy, embodiment & various meditation disciplines. In his relentless pursuit of bringing an understanding to the human experience, he immersed himself in a wide array of disciplines and modalities, which he now brings into his work through an integrative approach.

Alex is most passionate about helping men connect back to who they are at their core – giving them the tools to powerfully lead themselves. From healing unprocessed events of the past to overcoming anxiety or experiencing deeper states of meaning & fulfillment, Alex helps men resolve past patterns and create a new context of living.

He has supported men from all walks of life to discover a more empowering way to relate to themselves – embodying deeper states of confidence, self-trust & inner peace in the process


René Schrenker is an experienced coach with over a decade of guiding individuals through transformative journeys. His expertise spans from the physical component of movement to the mental aspect of rewiring belief systems, and further into the emotional realm of transforming our internal landscapes. Ultimately, he delves into the spiritual aspect of self-awareness, which weaves together all these layers, empowering men to fully own their power and transform their lives. René's approach is profoundly holistic, connecting and mastering all four layers of the human experience—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This comprehensive method cultivates inner harmony and empowers individuals to fully embody their true, authentic selves. His mission is to serve men from all over the world to live intentional, fulfilled, and empowered lives. As the founder of the men's movement "Warrior MVMT," René creates a place for men to belong, where they can engage in the profound inner work needed to show up fully for themselves, their partners, their families, their communities, and the world.


Ash Parkhouse brings over 15 years of experience and more than 10,000 hours of practice in bodywork and space holding to his role as an Assistant Facilitator. As an MI-IR graduate of 2022, Ash specialises in a nervous system-first approach, seamlessly integrating bodywork, somatic therapy, emotional healing, and mindfulness practices. His philosophy centres on helping men strip away layers of social conditioning to embrace their authentic selves. Ash has a proven track record of guiding men to find their purpose, overcome mental health challenges, and achieve significant personal growth in a short time. Devoted to radical self-love and expression, Ash prioritises his own well-being to serve at his best, creating a safe and transformative environment for all participants."

6 Keys

Person Power vs. Divine Power

Person Power vs. Conscious (Natural) Power

Wounding & Masculine Reconciliation

Wounding & Masculine Reconciliation

From Aversion to Embodiment of Power

From Aversion to Embodiment

The God Form & A Somatic Experience

The God Form & A Somatic Experience

Scarcity vs. Divine Affluence

Scarcity vs. Divine Affluence

Parallel Structures To Fostering A New Relationship To Power

Working and directing the expression of conscious power

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I strongly recommend that men work with Amir. Amir has been an integral part of my conscious awakening. He has built a powerful community of men that are "on the path" and have provided me with much needed camaraderie, and his extensive knowledge of depth psychology, embodiment practices, and masculine-feminine dynamics has helped me develop as a man and leader.


I have had the deep honor, pleasure and privilege of knowing and working with Amir for close to five years and he is one of the most trusted allies I have on the path of living as a powerfully aligned man. Amir is committed to living his truth on such a deeply authentic level and it comes through with everything he does. To get to share time with Amir is absolutely invaluable.

What's Included

A two-day immersive men's workshop (Location Bali, Indonesia) with over 10 hours of practices and myriad of teachings

A two-day immersive men's workshop (Location Bali, Indonesia) with over 10 hours of practices and myriad of teachings

Teachings with Amir Khalighi

Teachings with Amir Khalighi

A 4-Day hands-on immersion retreat, conducive to deep work in one of the power centers of North America, Shasta, CA. Your lodging and all meals are included.  

Practices from various traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism, Hermeticism, and Shamanism.  Practices are somatic and embodiment in nature. No experience required

Farm-to-table meals at the retreat

Lunch is included for men attending the workshop in person. 

Post-workshop integration Zoom

Post-workshop integration Zoom

Access to a private Facebook page & online course portal for those in enrolled in this course

Comradery, community, and connection with other men walking this spiral path

A 2-Day Immersive Workshop

Patrick Zailckas (IPHM / C-EMF)
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Please note: (All previous workshops have sold out)

Early Bird

Registration [Payment In Full] - Early Bird Registration $249.00 until 6/12/24. Regular Price Registration Starting 6/13/24 $299.00


Payment Plan 1[2 Month Payment Plan] +10% - Your Total Payment $330.00

2 X $165.00

Payment Plan 2[3 Month Payment Plan] +15% - Your Total Payment $345.00

3 X $115.00
  • Early bird pricing is only available for payment in full option.
  • Early bird registration ends at 11:59 PM PT. on 6/13/2024
  • One full scholarship & 1 partial scholarship will be offered for this workshop.  Email (subject: workshop scholarship) for consideration.  If you have already attended an Embodied Masculine event or course under scholarship, you do not qualify.

"In one sense, the voyage of self-discovery is solitary, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it all alone. A lot of men suffer silently when they are in creative chaos and feel something is wrong with them because they don’t realize other men are experiencing a similar disintegration of the old modes of masculinity. In matters of the psyche and spirit, taking the journey and telling the story go hand-in-glove, and that is why we need a listening community in order to make our solitary pilgrimage. The most powerful resource we have for transforming ourselves is honest conversation between men and men, women and men, men and women."

— Sam Keen, Fire In The Belly


"Being a part of a supportive men's group can be an extremely rewarding, humbling and transformative experience.  To have like-minded, loving men who are as dedicated to their own spiritual growth as you are - who show you your blind spots, sit with you and listen to you - has the power to transform a man forever." - Amir Khalighi

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