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“The proper development, evolution and embodiment of the masculine energy in modern times has passed over many of the men in our society.

Men from an early age yearn for masculine presence, guidance and mentorship.  When there are no elders in the home or community to bring it to them, they have little choice but to go seek it elsewhere.  What we end up with are uninitiated men following other uninitiated men looking for answers in a society driven by values of materialism...feeding their egos and starving their souls........"


Archetypes of the Embodied Mature Masculine (KWML)



June 02, 2019 / Los Angeles

The Evolution of the Embodied Masculine (Red/White/Black)



A man in the state of Red is symbolic of all the feelings of a typical teenage boy – uninhibited passion, rebellion, self-gratification, aggression, lust, desire for power. The red sash of this man is out of control and dangerous, yet he is a source of great vitality and power that only needs a channel of greater maturity to hone himself. Through training by elders in his community, he can hone this energy so it does not own him.


In white, he desires to save the world from all its ills. He longs for truth and justice. He wishes to be good and do good. He is an idealist. Yet, for all his good qualities, he is also naive. The man who embodies the white masculine energy doesn't have the awareness to notice that many of the ills he wants to save the world from are projections of his own unconscious traumas and desires. He goes on a crusade to save the world from that which he doesn't like in himself.



A man in the state of black, however, "eats" his shadows and comes to a level of acceptance about his own flaws. This is where shadow work is not introduced, but digested by the masculine.  There is a strong level of humanity, even humor, to the the man in the state of back. He surrenders control of his life to the acceptance of his limitations and the inevitability of death. He becomes trustworthy, powerful and compassionate.

“Amir Khalighi has helped me put my life back together and then some.  Today I have a purpose.  I know who I am, and I have the discipline and tools required to continue evolving.  He is a grounding force.  It's been a hell of a journey.”

— Matthew Boylan



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