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The Burden of The Masculine

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Getting in touch with and allowing the full expression of the unapologetic wildness within a man is paramount and points to his ultimate desire for freedom. Freedom, not in the sense of being single or if in a relationship wanting to “be free” but free from his “burdens “, and in reality once he gets rid of one set of burden, others replaces it, for the issue is not how to manage burdens but to realize the true cause of his discomfort, is his disconnect from source energy, the Great Mother, the Unified Field, God or whatever you choose to call “It”. 

Men generally think if their circumstance or life situations were different they’d have more freedom. They attach their sense of freedom to getting rid of burdens they perceive as “the problem”. To top it off they avoid acknowledging they have these burdens, burying them in the psyche alongside all the other skeletons they fear to feel. 

The path to true freedom for the masculine is in embodying these feelings of burden then reaching across the aisle to nature and in practice to replenish ones’ thirst from the Great Mother. Once you drink from her fountain then you slowly stop needing things or people outside yourself and true independence begins to emerge. 

You move from dependence, to independence and finally to interdependence, connected to all yet tethered to none but source. 

This is the work we do at Embodied Masculine. 


  1. Stephen Wilkins on August 26, 2020 at 9:15 pm


    I’ve been misconstruing freedom for quite sometime. Fun timing to find your articles on the Feminine and Masculine.

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