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The Middle East Crisis: an Animist Perspective

Men's Embodiment Coach Amir Khalighi

The Middle East Crisis: an Animist Perspective We commune and fall into reverence and relationship with the Natural World in our community. We don’t find our spiritual connection outside ourselves (without), nor do we petition the bearded tyrant in the sky with fear & trembling in favor of promised afterlife prizes, nor do we use…

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Men’s Intensive – Men’s Work In Modern Society

The Power of Men’s Intensive – Men’s Work and Initiation in Modern Society In the rapidly changing landscape of modern society, men’s roles and identities are continually evolving. As men grapple with their place in a world marked by shifting expectations and unprecedented challenges, there’s a growing recognition of the importance of men’s intensive work…

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The Changing Face of Masculinity

We change the face of masculinity in relation to the feminine by changing the way we hold and honor the free expression of our own feminine energies.   We provide safe containers for men to be fully expressed – not only in the embodiment of their masculine energies – but also towards deeper expression, understanding…

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Overcoming Neediness

Unexpressed needs in intimate relationships invites the element of “neediness” to the relationship dynamic.   Men oftentimes have a hard time identifying what their needs are.  For so long they’ve looked to the outside world for solutions and answers, that they’ve lost touch with the wisdom and connection to their own bodies and needs.  Men…

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