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Rejuventating Co-Ed Yoga

Sunday's 8:00 A.M. - 9:15 A.M. PST

jeff jones embodied masculine


Jeff Jones is an international yoga teacher with over a decade of experience leading men and women in practice. What originated as a means to relieve pain after years of powerlifting became a vehicle to travel the world. Beginning as a physical practice, Jeff has used breath to explore his mind and spirit. Vipassanna and men's work has influenced his style of teaching. Jeff's capacity to hold space, ground students, and continually evolve his own practice has deepened his offerings. A student of Amir Khalighi and Kadea Metara. Jeff now resides in Utah, using nature to ground and working within the Embodied Masculine container to better serve The Divine Mother.



  1. Pick and register for the yoga session you want to be a part of (see "register below" section below) 
  2. Once you register you you will receive an email with your Zoom log-in  details.
  3. Prepare your space ahead of time (see "preparation for virtual yoga practice" below)
  4. Test your audio and video prior to the gathering and make sure you have privacy.
  5. Virtual doors open at 7:45 a.m PST.  

Register Below

Suggested Exchange: $22

The suggested exchange for this yoga experience for 75 min. is $22 but you set the price for this exchange.  We will not turn away anyone who want or need support in their well being.  Feel into what you can afford and pay that.  If you can pay more, pay more to cover those who cannot.

We are dark on 6/5/22

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