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MI-IR Agreement & Waiver

A 14 Man, 4 Month Men's Work Intensive & Retreat Program

Jan. 21, 2021 - Apr. 21, 2021

What MI-IR Alumni's Say:

Jason Dixson

"The growth, self-awareness, capacity for leadership, and brotherhood that I've cultivated during the MI-IR program has made a tremendous impact on my life. I used to be constantly swayed by the turbulence of life happening around me, whether it be related to career or relationships. Then, through working with Amir and the MI-IR program, I learned to ground myself through a more intuitive understanding of nature and a daily practice to sustain my connection to the Divine. Life is constantly testing us, and it's easy to be bulldozed by our circumstances, but by doing the hard-work set out for me in this program, and staying close to the trustable men that I've met there, I've learned to find my center and to daily reaffirm my commitment to deepening my consciousness. I used to not fully trust men, I used to have a story about how I don't fit in with them, until I met the men in this group who I trust with my life. I've never felt more inner peace and groundedness, all during the middle of a global pandemic. Any man who wishes to find his connection to something greater than himself and develop the capacity to handle the turbulence of the world should absolutely enroll in this program."

— Jason D

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"It is often said that getting from head to heart is the longest journey, and this program gives us concrete, real world vehicles to experience the fullness of love and presence that we were perhaps created for. It is challenging, and freeing. Join in on this adventure into your own soul, and you will be changed."

— Beau W.

John Yang (C-EMF)

"We are often blind to seeing our true selves. We live our day-to-day conforming to societal constructs, which suppresses our ability to embody and show the world our true inner warrior.

In doing the work in this program, I am peeling back layers upon layers of bullshit! The container in which Amir holds alongside the men doing the work with me, has been instrumental in shifting and reshaping who I am and the gift that I bring into this world. Words can’t express my deepest gratitude. "

— John Y

Stephen Wilkins

"The work with Embodied Masculine has cultivated tools and awareness in me to more fully express and see the beauty within me, nature, my family and friends. I encourage anyone who is called to this path to step in and experience deeply the joy of finding their purpose and freely expressing their gifts to the world. When you choose to do this work you will take a meaningful step into your deepest most authentic life."

— Steve W.