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Countdown to the Start of this men's retreat - 10/12/2023 04:00 P.M PST

What's included in this retreat:

  • 4 days / 3 days with or without lodging options available (see registration options below). For those that choose "with lodging" as their option, we have booked the entire Shasta View Lodge
  • Delicious meals prepared by our private Chef
  • Transformative, In-person practice sessions
  • Daily morning Yoga
  • Additional offerings throughout the retreat by TFTP men (facilitators in training)
  • Special excursions with teachings and practices
  • Deeper connection to brotherhood & community
  • The opportunity to bring our community, energy, and practices to this special land
  • Deep nourishment and revitalization
  • Re-connecting with men from previous retreats and meeting new men on this path
  • A chance to have a deeply transformative experience
  • Enjoy no demand time.  Time to simply be!
  • Enjoy the majestic landscape surrounding McCloud's waterfalls and nature. Wake to the views of Mt. Shasta
  • Receive live teachings and Q & A from Amir Khalighi
Men's Intensive Program - The MI-IR Program by Embodied Mascuilne™
men's work principles
Mt shasta men's retreat
shamanic men's work
shasta men's retreat

Retreat Location: Mt. Shasta, CA

Nestled majestically in Northern California, Mount Shasta stands as a towering symbol of spiritual significance. Revered by diverse cultures and cherished by spiritual seekers worldwide, this magnificent mountain holds a profound allure. From its breathtaking beauty to its captivating legends, Mount Shasta is an enigmatic destination that has sparked countless spiritual journeys.

mt. shasta

Its spiritual significance arises from its mysterious aura and its association with various legends and beliefs. Indigenous tribes, such as the Wintu, Achomawi, Atsugewi, and Modoc nations, have long regarded the mountain as a sacred place, imbued with spiritual power. Their folklore is interwoven with tales of mythical creatures and supernatural beings that inhabit its depths.


Our retreat location will be in the quaint town of McCloud, which sits beautifully against the backdrop of Mt. Shasta. You may secure your lodging with us where more than half the men will be staying, or you can secure your own lodging via Airbnb or from the myriad of boutique hotels in town. More details can be found below the registration section

Edward Tyler

"I felt like I was a part of something real and valuable. The practices shared with us are powerful and took me deep every time. To anyone who is searching for a retreat with real potency: You've found it."

— Edward T.

Kyle Leighton (C-EMF)

"I bonded with brothers on our shared journey through the Earth, as I saw a piece of myself in each and every one of them."

— Kyle L


" I was able to go deeper and tap into generations of trauma and oppression that I carry from my ancestors. Let your healing begin"

— Trey H.

Men's Circle - Embodied Masculine ™

Leave The Familiar For A While....

Leave the familiar for a while. Let your senses and bodies stretch out like a welcomed season onto the meadows and shores and hills. Open up to the roof. Make a new watermark on your excitement and love. Like a blooming night flower, bestow your vital fragrance of happiness and giving upon our intimate assembly. Change rooms in your mind for a day. All the hemispheres in existence lie beside an equator In your heart. Greet Yourself In your thousand other forms As you mount the hidden tide and travel back home. All the hemispheres in heaven Are sitting around a fire chatting while stitching themselves together Into the great circle inside of you. - Hafez

This retreat will Benefit Men Who:

  1. Need a deep RESET from their day to day lives
  2. Are hungry for CAMARADERIE and CONNECTION with other powerful men
  3. Experience the power and wisdom of your body through deep embodiment and somatic PRACTICES 
  4. Desire HEALING in some part of their lives
  5. Want to reconnect to an EMPOWERED version of themselves
  6. Need to feel more ALIGNMENT in their being in relation to the natural world
  7. Want to redefine their relationship with  POWER
  8. Desire deeper PERSPECTIVE and support surrounding "pressing issues" in their lives
  9. Want to LET GO and be held in a safe container for 4 days while they allow for deep soul nourishment
  10. Need to RECLAIM a sense of self that may have gotten lost in a relationship or in relation to society's demands.
  11. Need the NOURISHMENT  that is provided by simply being around other heart-centered, powerful men.
  12. Crave live music, fire, and CELEBRATION in their lives
Men's Intensive Program - The MI-IR Program by Embodied Mascuilne™
men's work principles
Jason Dixson

"I've never felt more inner peace and groundedness. Any man who wishes to find his connection to something greater than himself and develop the capacity to handle the turbulence of the world should consider diving into this community."

— Jason D

Return Home:

  • Deepen in your RELATIONSHIP and CONNECTION to the NATURAL WORLD & your PRIMAL SELF so that you can bring that raw energy into your relationships and life's purpose
  • With more CLARITY surrounding the areas of uncertainty in your life
  • With a deeper sense of FREEDOM in relation to your "life circumstances"
  • With a new paradigm understanding of being and working with POWER in your life
Nate Maeda

Meet Chef Nathaniel Maeda-Smouse

I became a chef because I love to bring people together with good food, great stories, and lasting memories My career began in Downtown San Diego at Searsucker restaurant. However, after cooking in San Diego for three years, I decided to move out to Napa Valley in search of a challenge and more knowledge. Throughout my travels, I have had the fantastic opportunity to work at Morimoto Napa, Bottega, Saison, Roka Akor SF, and others. I learned much about refinement from these establishments, but I still wanted to bring people a more personal and intimate experience.

Learn more about his philosophies on food at


Chef Nathaniel will be nourishing the bodies and souls of the retreat attendees and support staff through food infuses with love and devotion.

Shasta Schedule 2.1


Register(meals included - lodging is not include with this option)


Register(meals included - shared occupancy / shared queen bed)


Register (meals included - shared occupancy / with a private bed)


Register (meals included - single occupancy - your room will be private)

Number of spots claimed to date - Max 30

Those Lodging With Us Will Be Staying At The Shasta View Lodge