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Father Wound & Why Boys Need Men

By Amir Khalighi | Dec 23, 2021

Many come to men’s work with wounds inflicted upon them by the masculine, specifically a father wound. They come to this work to heal such wounds and alchemize their relationship with the masculine. The journey to healing this wound is unique for each man, and it starts by trusting our masculine containers for our feminine…

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Overcoming Neediness

By Amir Khalighi | Jun 10, 2021

Unexpressed needs in intimate relationships invites the element of “neediness” to the relationship dynamic.   Men oftentimes have a hard time identifying what their needs are.  For so long they’ve looked to the outside world for solutions and answers, that they’ve lost touch with the wisdom and connection to their own bodies and needs.  Men…

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Redefining pain & triggers as touchstones to deeper intimacy

By Amir Khalighi | Oct 16, 2019

Beneath every behavior there is a feeling. Beneath each feeling is a need. And when we meet that need rather than focus on the behavior, we begin to deal with the cause. Not the symptom.

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Fear of the Feminine

By Amir Khalighi | Aug 26, 2019
The masculine dilemma

Fear of the feminine and the Amazon fires was written in 2019 and is more relevant now more than ever.  Men throughout millennia have attempted to dominate or control Nature in some form or another.  Instead of standing in awe of her majesty, he has crumbled in fear and trembling at her feet resorting to…

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The Burden of The Masculine

By Amir Khalighi | Jun 19, 2019
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Getting in touch with and allowing the full expression of the unapologetic wildness within a man is paramount and points to his ultimate desire for freedom. Freedom, not in the sense of being single or if in a relationship wanting to “be free” but free from his “burdens “, and in reality once he gets…

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A Man’s Passage to Purpose; Unearthing the Gift in the Wound

By Soma Miller | Apr 15, 2019

The work of exploring the wound is not an easy path, yet if we don’t have the courage to turn and face our wounds, we will spend a lifetime running from them. In turn, they will run our lives unconsciously, and we may never know our greatest gifts.

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Fire on the Mountain

By Amir Khalighi | Apr 10, 2019
Amir Khalighi Climbing Mount Sinai

To venture into the unknown is where we are met with the insights and clarity of what life wants to give and communicate to us.

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Sex, Impotence and Finding The Warrior Within

By Sam Morris | Apr 9, 2019
Sam Morris Zen Warrior Training

Part of me no longer felt like a man. Up until the moment my injury happened, I was a vital, twenty-four year old man. I was six foot three, one hundred ninety-five pounds, athletic and handsome. Suddenly, I was about four foot eleven in a wheelchair and had no sensation or function in my penis, my bladder and my bowels.

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Solitude: The Furnace of Change

By Amir Khalighi | Dec 20, 2018

“The comfort I needed from the Great Mother energy I had imposed on the women in my life.” I guess I had always avoided being alone.  It started with a deep dependence on my mother’s connection, as it was the only connection I had in my early years of development, yet it soon transposed itself…

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