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Into The Womb of Nature


An Embodied Masculine 3-day Men's Camping Retreat

09/02/22 to 09/04/22

Ojai, CA - Space is Limited To 22 Men


Countdown to the Start of this men's retreat - 9/2/2022 12:00 P.M PST

What's included in at this reteat:

3Day Camping retreat in Ojai, CA: Three day immersive nature retreat at a private 13 acre estate in the beautiful Ojai mountains of California.  The exact location will be shared with attendees to respect the wishes of the property owner. 

√  Divine Farm-To-Table Meals: We don’t use the word "divine" loosely at Embodied Masculine, so when we say “Divine Farm To Table Meals” we're being serious. Every meal is prepared with the deepest care and attention designed to nourish men doing powerful, confronting work.  Every ingredient has been hand picked by our private chef, Eva Malazian, to support your well-being and nourishment.  

√  Lodging: You will be off the grid camping with the rest of the men.  Tents will be provided and shared.  Please review your packing list to make sure you arrive prepared. 

√  Nature Immersion: We will be hiking deep into the Mountains on Saturday for our immersive experience.  A packed lunch will be provided and we will be practicing out in nature.

√  Do Nothing Time: Between our practice sessions, you will have "do nothing time or free time" where you can enjoy your time in nature as you see fit.   

√  FTP Offerings: 12 men on this retreat will be from the Embodied Masculine Facilitator Training Program. In addition to assisting Amir during our practice sessions, they will be making unique offerings during free times.

√  Somatic, Embodiment & Shamanic Practices: We will be holding multiple practice sessions throughout each day. These practices are designed to free you in ways you may not have known you needed.  Practices are designed to give you insights and empower you on your path.

√  Brotherhood, Support & Camaraderie:

You will share heart-opening and powerful experiences in practices, go on magnificent hikes, practice in nature, share meals, enjoy fireside chats and song, and most importantly, make friends for life.

Embodied Masculine ™

Retreat Location: Ojai, California

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Once you register you will be invited to join and will gain access to a private retreat page where additional information will be shared with you, such as the retreats exact location, images, support staff, packing list & more.

leave the familiar for awhile and let your senses and bodies stretch out

You have a unique opportunity, as Hafiz says, “to leave the familiar for awhile and to let your senses and bodies stretch out.”

Spend three magical days deep in embodiment, somatic and shamanic practices designed to realign you to the deepest sense of yourself and the natural world.

Let your body be nourished through community, camaraderie and delicious farm-to-table meals prepared by our divine chef extraordinaire, Ms. Ava Malazian.

You will have the option to secure your spot at our retreat with or without lodging.  See details surrounding the process for consideration in joining us below.

We will have multiple practice sessions throughout the day, free time, shared meals with one another, and will let Mother Nature nurture us (see schedule below)

We look forward to sharing this magical experience with you.Please note that space is very limited at this facility. We are capping this retreat at 22 men.


Amir Khalighi

This camping retreat will Benefit Men Who:

  1. Need a deep RESET from their day to day lives
  2. Are hungry for CAMARADERIE and CONNECTION with other powerful men
  3. Experience the power and wisdom of your body through deep embodiment and somatic PRACTICES 
  4. Desire HEALING in some part of their lives
  5. Want to reconnect to an EMPOWERED version of themselves
  6. Need to feel more ALIGNMENT in their being in relation to the natural world
  7. Want to redefine their relationship with  POWER
  8. Desire deeper PERSPECTIVE and support surrounding "pressing issues" in their lives
  9. Want to LET GO and be held in a safe container for 3 days while they allow for deep soul nourishment
  10. Need to RECLAIM a sense of self that may have gotten lost in a relationship or in relation to society's demands.
  11. Need the NOURISHMENT  that is provided by simply being around other heart-centered, powerful men.
  12. Crave live music, fire and CELEBRATION in their lives
Jason Dixson

"I've never felt more inner peace and groundedness. Any man who wishes to find his connection to something greater than himself and develop the capacity to handle the turbulence of the world should consider diving into this community."

— Jason D

Return Home:


Deepen your RELATIONSHIP and CONNECTION to the NATURAL WORLD & your PRIMAL SELF so that you can bring that raw energy into your relationships and life's purpose

With more CLARITY surrounding the areas of uncertainty in your life

With a deeper sense of FREEDOM in relation to your "life circumstances"

With a new paradigm understanding of being and working with POWER In your life


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"It is often said that getting from head to heart is the longest journey, and this program gives us concrete, real-world vehicles to experience the fullness of love and presence that we were perhaps created for. It is challenging and freeing. Join in this adventure into your own soul, and you will be changed."

— Beau W.

John Yang (C-EMF)

"In doing the work in this program, I am peeling back layers upon layers of bullshit! The container in which Amir holds, alongside the men doing the work with me, has been instrumental in shifting and reshaping who I am and the gift that I bring into this world. Words can’t express my deepest gratitude. "

— John Y

Stephen Wilkins

"I encourage anyone who is called to this path to step in and experience deeply the joy of finding their purpose and freely expressing their gifts to the world. When you choose to do this work, you will take a meaningful step into your deepest, most authentic life."

— Steve W.

Edward Tyler

"I felt like I was a part of something real and valuable. The practices shared with us are powerful and took me deep every time. To anyone who is searching for a program with real potency to commit to: You've found it."

— Edward T.

Kyle Leighton (C-EMF)

"I bonded with brothers on our shared journey through the Earth, as I saw a piece of myself in each and every one of them."

— Kyle L

Trey Hesari

" I was able to go deeper and tap into generations of trauma and oppression that I carry from my ancestors. Let your healing begin"

— Trey H.

Retreats Schedule (tenative - all times PST)

Wednesday 08/31/2022

Assistant team arrives for setup (Basecamp 1)

Thursday 09/01/2022

Facilitator Training Program (FTP) men will have a private day on this day

11:00 AM to 04:00 PM - FTP Check-In & Tent Setup (Basecamp 1)

04:00 PM to 06:00 PM - Opening Circle & Setting Intentions (Basecamp 2)

06:30 PM to 8:30 PM - Into The Womb of The Mother (Basecamp 2)

9:00 PM - Dinner (Basecamp 2)

10:30 PM - Fireside check-in (Basecamp 1)

Friday 09/02/2022

Into the Womb of Nature (ITWN) men arrive to select their tents and check-in. (Basecamp 1)

09:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Morning Practice Session - FTP Men Only (Practice Space)

11:00 AM to 2:30PM ITWN Check-In & Tent Setup (Basecamp 1)

01:30 PM - Lunch / open to all in attendance (Basecamp 2)

03:30 PM to 04:30 PM - Welcoming the ITWN men, setting intentions. (Basecamp 2)

Free Time

06:30 PM to 08:30 PM - Into The Womb of The Mother (Basecamp 2)

08:45 PM - Dinner (Basecamp 2)

10:30 PM - Fireside gathering (all men) (Basecamp 1)

Saturday 09/03/2022

06:00 AM to 06:30 AM - Sunrise Meditation (Basecamp 1)

08:00 AM to 11:00 AM - Morning Practice Session I (Practice Space)

11:30 AM to 12:30 - Bruch

1:00 PM to 04:00 PM - Nature Immersion & Practice

06:00 PM to 09:30 PM - Evening Practice Session (Practice Space)

10:00 PM - Feast (Basecamp 2)

Sunday 09/04/2022

06:00 AM to 06:30 AM - Sunrise Meditation (Basecamp 1)

07:00 AM to 10:00 AM - Morning Practice Session (Practice Space)

10:30 AM - Breakfast (Basecamp 2)

1:00 PM - Clean Up & Check Out (Basecamp 1)

Mike Johnson (C-EMF)

"The retreat in Mazama truly exceeded my expectations. I was taken on a journey of self-exploration that my soul was desperately craving. Amir’s ability to hold the space for all of us men was impeccable. His integrity, courage and heart was consistent and prominent."

— Mike J.

Want to be part of this experience?


Paid in full

[Farm To Table Meals Included]
[Total: 1040.00]

  • You will be sharing a tent with other men on the private property we will be camping on. All your meals are covered with farm to table meals after your check-in into the retreat.
2 Payments

PAYMENT OPTION 1[Camping Tent Included]
[Farm To Table Meals Included]
[Total: 1144.00]

$572.00 A Month
  • You will be sharing a tent with other men on the private property we will be camping on. All your meals are covered with farm to table meals after your check-in into the retreat.
4 Payments

PAYMENT OPTION 2[Camping Tent Included]
[Farm To Table Meals Included]
[Total: 1248.00]

$312.00 A Month
  • You will be sharing a tent with other men on the private property we will be camping on. All your meals are covered with farm to table meals after your check-in into the retreat.

More Helpful Information

  • All farm-to-table meals all included in your retreat registration fee. Meals are included from Friday 09/02/2022 to 09/04/2022 (see above schedule)
  • Check the schedule above to see when you are able to check-in
  • Tents will be provided.  You will be sharing a tent with another man.
  • 1 scholarship will be offered for this retreat.  Email (subject: Summer Retreat in Ojai, CA Scholarship) for consideration.  Write a 500-1000 word essay on why you believe the scholarship should be awarded to you.  (If you've already attended an Embodied Masculine event or course under scholarship, you do not qualify.)
  • You will be sharing a tent with one or more men.  Tents are included in the price of your registration but make sure you pack other items you may need.  Please review the packing list.
  • Covid Safety: We simply require a negative on site rapid test during your check in process.