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An Evening With Shri Amir Mourad – 01/31/23


Date/Time: January 31st. 2023 6PM to 8PM PST

Location: Zoom Private Virtual Room

Structure: This two hour session will consists of 75 min. of deep practice and 45 min. reserved of Q and A with Shri Amir Mourad.

What To Expect: You will have a chance to fall into a 75 min. deep practice with Shri Amir Mourad and participate in a 45 min. Q and A.  Amir has extensive knowledge in various spiritual traditions.  You can learn more about Shri Amir Mourad at the bottom of this page or by visiting our lineage page.

Note: Please read “Preparation For Virtual Gathering‘ prior to your attendance of this me’s circle in the “Description” section below.


More About Shri Amir Mourad

Shri Amir Mourad is an Egyptian-Canadian yogi, mystic, and spiritual teacher. Having faced severe depression, an overwhelming fear of death, along with increasing awareness of the realities of human suffering, he began his search for enlightenment in hopes of finding a new way of being.

He began by studying various traditions such as Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Taoism, ancient Egyptian religion, as well as Western philosophy. Having found that with this increase of knowledge this did not dispel his uncertainties but only added to his confusion, he eventually discovered that the gathering of theoretical knowledge is insufficient for man’s liberation, nor can there be freedom or morality without true self-knowledge. Hungry for spiritual knowledge, he became initiated into an esoteric mystery school of the Golden Dawn. After having risen through the grades of the Order, he became dissatisfied with the teachings, feeling that they were too enamored with superstitious thinking. He later abandoned the society and continued his search. He then sought the guidance of yoga master Sri Madan Bali who initiated him into methods of yoga and offered him a firm foundation of discipline, knowledge, and spiritual practice. Having learned much that he could from Sri Madan Bali, he eventually also found himself discontented as the teachings did not provide the liberation that he was seeking. He then decided to continue down his path living as a hermit to continue deepening his practice.

Living as a hermit in seclusion, he immediately became deeply absorbed into the discipline. During a six year struggle he came to a profound inner awakening and a series of realizations. He then started sharing his discoveries with small group of close friends and curious seekers. As more students came to him, he then organized the Shunya Yoga method as a means for inner transformation, freedom from suffering, and unfolding the human potential.

Shunya Yoga is a method for greater self-knowledge, mental purification, and opening the mind to the intuitive realization of the true nature of mind which can be known as pure, non-dual consciousness. With a blend of sound reasoning as well as compassionate wisdom, his work is an effort to elevate social transformation through the transformation of consciousness. Belonging to no specific tradition yet in alignment with the timeless threads running through various schools,, his teachings have covered a plethora of subjects including death, morality, virtue, integration in the world, meditation, beginners mind, commentaries on religion, doubt and recognition of ignorance in the search for truth. Amir presently teaches through discourses, programs, and satsangs in Montreal, Canada.

Preparation For Virtual Gathering:

    • Privacy – Set aside two uninterrupted hours for yourself. This is your time to give to yourself. You will need privacy.
    • Intention – Set an intention on what you want to bring or receive in these two hours. You will be asked to claim your intention during introductions. Keep it short and to the point.
    • Sacred Space – Create a sacred space for yourself to practice in. Take this seriously. If you’ve ever been to our physical gatherings, you see what meticulous attention goes into creating the space we work in. At a minimum set yourself up with candles at the four directions and sage your space before stepping into it. You want your space to feel safe and inviting. Set it apart from other parts of your living space, elevate the space. Make it sacred.
    • Technical Non Issues- Make sure you get your audio and video sorted out before the start of the meeting so you don’t have to fuss with it when we begin.
    • Don’t Rush – Set time aside for yourself to do this right.  Make sure you log-in between as close to 5:45 p.m PDT as possible, sit and ground yourself.  This is your time, ease into the experience.  Refrain from chatting with others, checking your phone etc.  Sit, and tune into to the music being played and settle in.  We start promptly at 6:00 P.M PDT.
    • Structure – Introductions, apx. 45 min. of continuous practice (embodiment, Kundalini, breath-work, Qi-Gong or energetic practices) followed by a men’s circle, which allows each man to put his voice into the circle. What you share here, stays here in absolute privacy.
    • Honor The Container – No late entries. No early departures. We honor ourselves and listen to our bodies. We go ALL IN yet are cognizant to advocate for ourselves as not to participate from a space of ego during practices. We find where our 80% edge lives and we breathe into the pose at hand and relax into it. What is shared in our circle portion of our gathering is considered sacred and private, it does not get shared with anyone, it stays in the circle.  All practices are recorded and shared on our online community but no recordings take place during the circle portion of our men’s circle.