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Into The Heart Of Nature Retreat (with lodging)


This will be the only public men’s retreat that we will be hosting in 2022.  You have a unique opportunity, as Hafiz says, “to leave the familiar for a while and to let your senses and bodies stretch out.” 

Spend three days deep in embodiment, somatic and shamanic practices designed to realign you to the deepest sense of yourself and the Natural World.  Let your body be nourished through community and camaraderie and delicious farm to table meals by our Divine chef extraordinaire, Ava Malazian.  You will have the option to secure your spot with lodge at our private estate or you may opt to secure your own lodging.  We will have multiple three hour practice session per day (see schedule) and share our lunches and dinners with one another (see full schedule below).   We look forward to sharing this magical experience with you.  Please note that space is very limited at this facility, we are capping this event at 22 men.”




√ Retreat On a 13 Acre Private Estate: Three days nature immersive retreat at a private 13 acre estate in the catskill mountains of New York.  The exact location will be shared with attendees to respect the wishes of the property owner.

√  Divine Farm To Table Meals: We don’t use the word Divine loosely at Embodied Masculine, so when we say “Divine Farm To Table Meals” it’s “Divine!”. Every meal is prepared with the deepest care and attention to nourish men doing powerful, confronting work.  Every ingredient has been hand picked by our private chef Eva Malazian to support your nourishment.

√  Lodging (optional)You have the option to stay on the property.  We can only accommodate a certain number of men.  Once losing sells out, you will have to RSVP for this retreat without lodging, which mean you will have to find lodging else where.  Those not lodging on the property will have to leave the property after the final evening practice.

√  Nature Immersion: We will be hiking deep into the catskill mountains on Saturday for our immersive hike.  A packed lunch will be provided and we will be practicing out in Nature.

√  FTP Offerings: 12 men on this retreat will be from the Embodied Masculine Facilitator Training Program. In addition to assisting Amir during our practice sessions, they will be making unique offerings during free times.

√  Do Nothing Time: Between our practice sessions you will have ample Do nothing time, where you can enjoy your time in Nature as you see fit.   

√  Lifelong Practices & Brotherhood: You will pickup spiritual and embodiment practices to support your journey in stepping into the most powerful version of yourself and you will bond with men that will be in your heart and life beyond this 3 day retreat.