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5/3/23 Practice Audio File


We now offer audio access to the practice portion of our Men’s Embodiment Circle’s.  Whether you want to revisit an impactful practice from a session you attended or simply want to run the practices on your own because you missed a session, you will now be able to do so.  Please note that this audio file consists of only the practice portion of the evening’s session.

Based on our terms of use we ask that you not share the downloaded file without written consent. We thank you for your integrity around this request.

Practice structure listed below, we hope you enjoy this practice session.


Practice Structure (106 min)

  • Shake

  • Chi Generator

  • Cosmic Consciousness – A guided mediation

  • Yoga / Breathwork 

  • Holotropic Breath 15 min.

  • Feminine Embodiment Practice (Invoking the Black Panther) 

  • Shivasana