Personal Coaching

With Amir Khalighi


“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” 

— Benjamin Disraeli

Personal Coaching by Amir Khalighi

Personal Coaching with Amir Khalighi

With over 25 years of experience working with men, your coach, Amir Khalighi, will guide, train and empower you to live a heart centered, purpose drive life.  What does that mean?  You will come to terms with the seed of purpose that was planted in you with the information of why you’re here on earth and you will begin to share you gifts and live in service to that calling.

To live in purpose is to live connected to Source energy and to live from the heart, which means we will be working on giving you practices that bring you out of your head and more into your heart.  Living from the heart is an intuited state of being, less thinking and more being.

As you start living in alignment with your purpose and engaging in practices to be more embodied you will automatically be raising your vibrational biofield levels, and in doing so your ability to call in your hearts desire will become more clear and available to you.  You are the master painter of your life; you get to design your life the way you envision it.  The problem with many who try to manifest what they want is that their vibrational biofiled is not in alignment with who they need to be in order to manifest what they are asking for.  The Universe does not respond to emotional or mental requests as much as it responds to your bodies subtle energy.  A thought has a much lower vibrational triggering force than an embodied, heart,  centered on living purpose driven life.  That is what we will be working on.  Getting you more heart centered and less in your head.  You will pick up tools and practices customized for you and you will train and grow. Nothing in this life is worthwhile without conscious effort and pain. We will arrest fears, resentments and mental chatter that causes you suffering which create inaction and the stunting of your growth.  We will make you friends and redefine your relationship with pain, the touchstone to growth.

Through these practices you make yourself more available to calling in financial freedom, the woman your heart desires, if with a partner, deepening that relationship into a sacred relationship and most importantly deepening your walk into living out your purpose.

This is an easy proposition for those who are ready in saying “Yes” to this journey and training. Those who are not ready will balk, scoff and make yet another excuse in prolonging their souls evolution and destiny as men on this earthly visit.



  • Personal Coaching: Based on your coaching package you will have a series of 50 min. live video check-ins with your coach Amir Khalighi
  • Purpose: Identify, define and ultimately claim your purpose and start living in alignment with that
  • Leadership: Lead in your intimate relationship allowing her to soften more into her feminine
  • Abundance: Redefine your relationship with money as an exchange of energy vs. a scarce commodity. Allowing for more abundance
  • Custom Spiritual Practices: Create a daily spiritual practice, custom to your energetic bodies and need
  • Growth: Working on letting go of things that no longer serve you.
  • Manifestation Practice: Develop a manifestation practice to envision what you do want in your intimate and professional life and through a custom daily practice call it into your life
  • Meditation Practice: Develop a meditation practice to help cultivate more presence in your life
  • Sanctify the Temple: Develop practices to remove resentment and fear from dictating the actions you take in your life and polluting the space you occupy.
  • Physical Practice: Develop a physical training practice to embolden the warrior energy within and get in the best shape of your life.  Your coach is a 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido, an ex MMA Instructor with over 25 years of experience.
  • Parenting: Get the support and insights you need in parenting.  Amir is parent to 4 girls ranging from 2 years of age to 21  (if you're a parent)
  • Sacred Relationship: Get personal coaching and communication techniques to help you overcome triggers and conflicts and cultivate a sacred domain for your most intimate relationships
  • Accountability: Be held accountable and be in integrity in your relationships.

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