1:1 Leadership/Purpose Development Coaching


“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” 

— Benjamin Disraeli

Mens coaching by Embodied Masculine

Your coach for the next 6 months, Amir Khalighi, will guide, train and empower you mentally, spiritually and physically.  He will help you let go of things that no longer serve you, give you tools and practices to live a more heart centered, purpose driven life.  You will get in touch with a power within you that will guide you as you manifest the life you've dreamed of living.

You will develop and learn physical and spiritual modalities to grown into the man you’re destined in becoming.  You will have a coach who will create a container for you to express your challenges and to hold you accountable for you your progress and growth.

You will become clearer on your life's purpose and how you are to share your gifts with this world.   As you develop, you will become and live a more heart-centered life.  You will lead your intimate relationships and professional life with confidence, sourced from energy from the Great Mother (God, The Unified Field, or what you choose to call her).  You will ultimately detach from things you believed you needed in order to feel whole or safe and you will get in touch with a power that will guide your daily life.  You will learn and pick up essential life tools in the next 6 months to help get you out of your head and more into your body and heart as you grow as man spiritually, mentally and physically.


  • 1:1 Guidance: (12) 50 min. live video check-ins with your coach Amir Khalighi (2 times a month)
  • Purpose: Identify, define and ultimately claim your purpose and start living in alignment with that
  • Leadership: Lead in your intimate relationship allowing her to soften more into her feminine
  • Abundance: Redefine your relationship with money as an exchange of energy vs. a scarce commodity. Allowing from more abundance.
  • Custom Spiritual Practices: Create a daily spiritual practice, custom to your energetic body and needs
  • Growth: Working on letting go of things that no longer serve you
  • Manifestation Practice: Develop a manifestation practice to envision what you do want in your intimate and professional life
  • Meditation Practice: Develop a meditation practice to help cultivate more presence in your life
  • Sanctify the Temple: Develop practices to remove resentment and fear from dictating the actions you take in your life and polluting the space you occupy
  • Physical Practice: Develop a physical training practice to embolden the warrior energy within
  • Parenting: Get the support you need in parenting (if you're a parent)
  • Relationship Hacks: Communication techniques to help you overcome triggers and conflicts
  • Accountability: Be held accountable and be in integrity in your relationships.

Modalities & Areas of Coaching


We live in the real world.  No matter how much spiritual work and practice you embark on, there will always be relationship issues that arise.  Through a spiritual lens, relationships can be viewed as a catalyst for your mutual, spiritual evolution. The quandary is how to navigate the waters when one or both partners are triggered...and how to grow within relationship with grace. 

With this 6 month private program, you will have a mentor to discuss issues that are troubling you, explore ideas and receive suggestions based on experience.  You will be guided in how to make your primary relationship holy - creating sacredness and keeping the “garden and the waters of the garden clean”. 

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The proposition of becoming or being a father can be a daunting journey to embark on, yet one of the most rewarding experiences of a man’s life.  Having a sounding board of a mature masculine mentor can alleviate many of the anxieties in navigating this experience - from the first 6 weeks of acclimating to the profound and demanding changes of the family unit, to raising teenagers and creating solid boundaries.  As men, we hold a lot when it comes to providing, parenting and being a partner.  It’s important to have someone we can lean on when it’s our time to let go.


Believe it or not, manifestation is a real thing.  Many were introduced to its concept through “The Secret” by Rhonda Burn, but most miss an important variable that precedes calling in what you want.  You can envision your heart's desire and bring it into fruition as clearly as putting paint onto a blank canvas, but the reality is that you can only call in what is compatible to, or in alignment with, your current vibrational frequency.  If you're vibrating on a level frequency not in alignment with what you desire, you must make changes in order to raise that frequency before you see the Universe's response and cooperation.  As you develop as a man through the modalities we offer, your frequency will change.  We will teach you how to keep your vessel clean, be increasingly more aligned with your heart over your head and will introduce you to a daily practice where you pick up the paint brush and consider what you want your life to look like.  

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Learning to meditate is a game changer. At Embodied Masculine we practice and teach transcendental meditation, one of the best modalities in creating the space necessary for you to become aware of the paradigm reality that you are the observer and that, “you are not your thoughts”.

Many are stuck in their lives out of fear and the enchantment of their own thoughts and worries.  Meditation creates an opening for a new reality to emerge.  As mere information this is useless, but experientially, it is instrumental in waking and walking the spiritual path.  It helps bring you out of your head, into your body and more in alignment with your higher self.  This freedom will, in fact, give you the necessary pause needed in everyday life to act rather than react, to create a heart-centered life and to expand your life rather than contract it.   

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As a man, there's something wonderful about walking this earth knowing you can physically take care of yourself and your loved ones.  Many men with absent fathers have never had a shoulder they could lean on or relax into in order to know that feeling of safely.  At Embodied Masculine we stop waiting for someone to give that to us. We believe in guiding men to find that gift within themselves through training and practice. 

Through the EMM program, you will be exposed to 25 years of martial arts experience and training including Hapkido, BJJ, Mui Thai and Tactical Self Defense. 

If you are local, you will meet with your mentor for private training sessions. If you are not local, you will be guided to a practice in your area suited for your personality.

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