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Private Coaching

With Amir Khalighi

(By Invitation or Referral Only)

Matthew Boylan

"Amir has helped me put my life back together and then some. Today I have a purpose. I know who I am, and I have the discipline and have the tools required to continue evolving. Amir is intelligent and compassionate. He is a grounding force. It's been a hell of a journey."

— Matthew Boylan

Private Coaching with Amir Khalighi

Working privately with Amir is a "transformative experience" and available via invitation or referral in the following two realms:


Option 1: Long Term coaching conatiner

The first is a 3, 6 or 9 month container where Amir will guide you in coming to terms with the greatest issue(s) surrounding the blocks in your life, then move into developing a custom daily practice, alongside assignments, teachings, readings, accountability and a series of 1:1 90 min. video conference calls (based on your coaching package) to help facilitate the transformation that you are looking to bring forth into your life.  With this option you must attend free onboarding consultation with Amir to see if you are a good fit for the journey ahead and if Amir can serve you.   If this option is what you’re looking for and you have been either invited or referred to Amir, you can register for your free consultation by clicking the button below.

men's coach amir khalighi

Option 2: hourly coaching session

The second option is an hourly private session designed for referring clients, existing long term coaching clients or if you have been referred or invited, you may select the date and time for a private one hour private session with Amir.  Hourly session may run over, please prepare for that.

For those in need of financial assistance, Amir offers scaled pricing for his private sessions.
You may click here for more information.


"I can't say enough about my time working privately with with Amir. I was going through a difficult time in my life and it was time to dig deep. I've done therapy and other self-help modalities, but have never done any embodiment or men's work, per se. I love how attentive and insightful Amir was. Amir helped me structure a daily practice and was available to guide me into some areas that I didn't know I need to go into. He was present and loving, even when I was resistant. He kept me accountable. I would strongly recommend looking into working with Amir privately if you are wanting a guide who can take you deeper into your practice, life or if you want to explore men's embodiment work."

— Greg Geilman


…. clarity of purpose

…. freedom from living from their shadow selves

…. the ability to develop an inner structure and to step more powerfully into their own masculine essence

....  guidance in reconciling past relationships in order to step more powerfully into better future ones

..... have learned to have a new relationship with power,
one that is not abusive or destructive

..... independence from being "needy" of approval in order to feel whole

…. a deep connection and relationship to their highest sense of self, the Divine.

…. the ability to have a deeper more sacred relationship with their intimate partners

…. the ability to be grounded, full of breath and presence in the face of any turmoil

…. instructions, practices & development around the art of calling in and creating the life they want to live

…. freedom from addictions to porn, substances and other forms of being that is out of alignment with their souls highest calling

…. tools & practices to re-ignite sexual polarity between themselves and their intimate partner (yes, in long term relationships as well).

…. techniques to overcome triggers in intimate relationships that lead to pain and miscommunications

…. guidance in creating more financial abundance in their careers or ventures, by shifting their core beliefs around money.

…. the empowerment of being heard, seen and having their needs heard and met in all their relationships

…. a shift in perspective and approach in dealing with resentments and fears

.... cutting energetic cords with past relationships in order to facilitate the natural process of grieving and true healing

…. freedom within and freedom without

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Amir Khalighi Founder Embodied Masculine

* Amir does work with select couples and women, send your inquiry to [email protected]