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The MI-IR intensive!

  • This course closed on 12/19/2020.


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Navigating 4 Quadrants of this Program

Below you will find 4 images that are hyperlinked to various pages required to work this program.  The video above explains the use and purpose of each.  Email [email protected] with questions.

The Main Handbook for this program.  The handbook outlines the overview of the program.  You can find helpful information there.

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How to benefit from this 4-month intensive:

by Amir Khalighi

The transformation that you’re looking for is predicated on two factors: 

(A) your engagement and willingness to lean in and go ALL OUT and (B) your ability to “hold the pose” when you’re overwhelmed and want to revert to your old ways but lean even harder towards your breakthrough.  Most people when they hit their threshold pull back. I’m asking you to lean in. 

This program is designed to rewire you by developing new habits intended to nourish you mentally, spiritually and physically.  It’s designed to clean your vessel for better receptivity of the Divine, and it’s designed to flush out your purpose or to invigorate you to step more fully into your power to push your current purpose into the world.  If you phone in this experience, you will waste your time and the other men’s –  some of whom rely on you.  Make this program a priority in your life and instead of withdrawing when things get hard, expose yourself by sharing openly about where you’re at.  Be seen.  This program has many moving parts and it will require your attention and dedication, so review it multiple times until you feel like you have a hand on what is being asked of you.  If you have any questions, ask.  If you need support, ask other men or Amir.  This program is an “intensive”.  It’s designed to be challenging and take you to an edge so you can see where your weak spots are while simultaneously creating new habits, clearing your vessel, and connecting you to something greater than you, The Great Mother.  It is only as powerful and transformative as your willingness to empty your cup and lean in and engage the process.  I welcome you to the MI-IR program and stand as witness of your coming transformation. 

“Challenging and Freeing”

“It is often said that getting from head to heart is the longest journey, and this program gives us concrete, real world vehicles to experience the fullness of love and presence that we were perhaps created for. It is challenging, and freeing. Join in on this adventure into your own soul, and you will be changed.”

Beau W. (MI-IR Alumni)

Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 Months

Difficulty: Advanced




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    • The Impossible Goal
      • Traits To Step Into
      • In Service To
      • Claim Video
      • Bold Asks
    • Your Occurring World
      • Existing Occurring World
      • Rewriting The Script
      • Claim Video
      • Post It
    • Clearing The Temple
      • Moving Stagnant Charges
    • Tuning The Temple
      • Integrity Leaks
      • Rewriting The Script 2.0
    • Charging The Temple
      • Reconciliation
      • Daily Practice
    • Shadow Work
      • Shadow Integration
    • Equanimity
      • Into Balance
    • Manifest
      • Ebrah K’dabri
    • Reunion
      • A living Memory